Climbing Sand Dunes

The Desert

No, not the California’s Death Valley

I’m talking about the immense and stunning Arabian Desert.

There are many kinds of deserts in Saudi Arabia.



I have seen the desert from trips to Dammam, Riyadh, Al Qassim, and the Arabian Gulf

They all differ somehow but they are all unique and breathtaking.

There are 3 main deserts in Saudi and they are called: Rub’ Al Khali ( The Empty Quarter), An Nufad, and Ad Dahna’.

Have you ever been to the desert?

It’s so much fun!

We sometimes go to the desert on weekends for some fresh air.

I usually pack some food, Arabic coffee and tea with dates.

When we get there, my children love to build forts with water, run around barefoot and slide down the sand dunes.

We like to walk around, climb the sand dunes and relax.

The sand feels so good under your feet and in your hands, it’s so soft, it feels better than any material you could wear ( in my own opinion). I feel free like a child in the desert, the world is mine for a few hours.

The desert is full of peace and serenity, you can actually clear your mind of all things here and that’s what I love since I’m not able to make it to the masjid most times.

We usually leave before it gets dark because it gets chilly at night and we don’t know what critters might be lurking around since we don’t have a tent to take cover in.

In Saudi, it’s common to go camping in the desert with your family, 4- wheeling, picnicking on the side of the road, or simply driving around.

It’s so much fun to see different types of camels along the way.

I absolutely LOVE camels! Really… I do.

**photo credit: Getty**

I have a big dream and I’m set on it, you might think I’m crazy as a Westerner but maybe you will too one day dream this once you visit this desert.

I dream that I will one day own land, build a small home, own a few camels and date trees in the DESERT.


Have I convinced you yet?

You need to visit some sort of desert in your lifetime in order to hopefully experience what I do every time I come out here.

Now… back to sleep

Ma Salama,


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