The South African Potjie

Do you remember that I said that i was going to tell you about the South African Potjie festival?

Let’s first start with the word, potjie. A potjie is a small pot of food which is prepared outdoors in a round, cast iron put commonly known as a Dutch Oven. The pot was brought from the Netherlands into South Africa in the 17th century and has become popular as the years have passed. We cook food, such as meat, potatoes, vegetables and some fruit in the pot over a wood or charcoal fire. We serve the food with rice and or some other form of starch.

Every year in America, there are a few potjie festivals here and there but the only one that I have been to, that I can remember, is the one in Texas. There have been many good memories of the festival because of family, friends, and food. it usually lasts for 3 days and has a number of events for children and adults to enjoy. The main part of the festival  is the potjie competition. everyone competes to make the best potjie and  the winner can score some great prizes.

If you are ever in Texas, around the Houston area, in September, you should stop by and attend the potjie. My parents are actively involved in the festival and my aunt always makes amazing meat pies.


Ma Salama,


check out the website here:




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